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Energy Saving Month 2022

New year, new you? If you like to better yourself by coming up with resolutions, you should extend that principle by bettering your energy usage as this month is officially Energy Saving Month!

Did you know that energy saving bills are one of the biggest costs within a household? Making small changes to your usage has huge benefits which can easily be implemented into your daily routine. Not to mention, you are saving your pennies!

This blog will go into the background of Energy Saving Month and will provide you with tips on how to take part by reducing your energy usage.

The Background

Before getting into the tips to reduce your energy consumption, let’s look into the background of Energy Saving Month. It is led by the Citizens Advice Bureau partnered with the Energy Saving Trust and Home Energy Scotland with the aim to support citizens in reducing their energy usage. Which, evidently helps those citizens who participate save money, but still keeping you warm.

This is not an initiative to completely switch off your heating, as you shouldn’t have to forfeit your warmth for the cause, but rather implementing changes that can make a huge difference to your bank account and the environment!

Cost-Effective Tips on How to Save Energy

Believe it or not, you do not need to spend a ton for a warm home. There are many cost-effective ways that can easily be implemented into your daily routine!

  1. Managing dampness:

Make sure you have resolved any worn seals and ventilation issues to prevent leaks as this is a big factor in keeping your home warm for less.

Humidifiers are also a cheap and effective way to reduce dampness, just store one on your window seal and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Washing machine and tumble dryer usage:

Try to limit the amount of times you are using your washing machine. Do your best to have one dedicated wash day a week as this will save you money on both water and energy costs in the long run!

Your tumble dryer is also a big energy user, try to use radiator space or outdoor clothing lines on sunnier days.

  1. Radiator reflector foil / panels:

Implementing radiator reflector foils is a simple but effective way to save energy and keep you warm. Not only are these cheap to get and easy to install onto your radiators, they will reflect heat off the walls and back into your rooms.

  1. Dishwasher usage:

As the saying goes, if it isn’t full - don’t use it! Only use it for a full load as this is a common habit people make, which is a big cause of your energy usage!

  1. Invest in a washing up bowl:

Did you know that a running tap can use between 4-8 liters of water per minute?! An average washing up bowl is very cheap to buy and will save you money on your water bills when you do your dishes.

  1. Consider having shorter showers:

As simple as it sounds, shorter showers means less water and less energy which leads to lower energy costs! So, try to switch off the running water whilst shampooing - it’ll make all the difference.

  1. Switch your lights off:

If you leave a room, make sure to switch the light off. And, that includes your reading lamp!

  1. Invest in LED lights:

On average, LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy and last a whopping 25 times longer than other bulbs. It’s a no brainer!

  1. Monitor standby modes:

Believe it or not, switching off your TV with the remote is still using energy, so why not switch it off by the wall plug?! This will save you a lot of energy and is so simple.

  1. Avoid overfilling the kettle:

Our last energy saving tip of the day is something as simple as trying to avoid putting too much water in the kettle as the more water in there at a time, the more energy is needed to boil it.

We hope our easy and budget-friendly tips helped you! Please contact us if you have any more questions: https://www.vp-eye.co.uk/contact

Happy saving!

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