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Tips To Ensure You Are Carrying Out Weekly Inspections Correctly

A regular inspection of your property is essential when verifying its safety and security, not to mention, a routine inspection may form a condition of some property insurances as well. Ensure that you comply with the appropriate regulations by following our V.P.Eye top tips below.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

Make sure any existing fences, gates, and barriers are in great condition and are secured properly with robust chains and padlocks.

  1. Good external lighting

Lighting with movement sensors will expose anybody who may try to look and/or access the building.

  1. Avoid being a target of squatters

Potential squatters will look to take advantage of weak locks on doors and windows to gain easy entry. Ensure that your locks are three star or kitemarked for BS3621 for a guaranteed robust lock up!

For windows, consider dedicated window locks and restrictors to avoid any forced entry from these kinds of openings.

  1. ‘Too Hot To Handle’ materials

Ensure your copper piping, water tanks, wiring and other valuable materials are ‘too hot to handle’ by marking them with a forensic marking solution such as Selecta DNA.

These items are often stolen for scrap value and considerable damage can be caused when they are ripped out. When using a solution, utilise the warning stickers that are provided as they may deter potential thieves from taking them.

  1. Invest in an intruder alarm system

Install an intruder alarm that is remotely monitored with an adequate response if it goes off, and your property will remain safe and secure from any break-in.

  1. A CCTV system

Having an obvious CCTV system installed will deter opportunist criminals and will pick up viral evidence if your vacant property is breached which could aid any investigation.

A system that can be monitored on the premises is ideal and should have a suitable recording and storage capacity or cloud storage included. There are, however, options for property without mains power and internet.

  1. Avoiding leaks

A regular inspection of the property will, at a minimum, determine that it is secure. It will also aid you to spot any potential leak issues when you carry out a check of utility meters.

  1. Draining the water tanks

If the property is likely to be vacant for a long period of time then consider draining down water tanks, cisterns and heating systems to reduce the impact of any potential leaks or pipe bursts.

  1. Clear fire exits

Ensure that all fire escape routes must offer free, unobstructed evacuation routes from the premises and make sure that they are not used for storage or blocked in any way.

  1. Ensure the car park is secure

In order to have a secure car park, firstly, ensure that it is enclosed within walls and locked gates. Additionally, employing security guards on permanent surveillance to protect your vacant property and any vehicles is recommended for a safer environment.

Here at V.P.Eye, we provide you with a full and thorough professional inspection with a detailed report at a frequency to suit you. Get in touch with one of our team members for more information - https://www.vp-eye.co.uk/#contact

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