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Our top tips for protecting your vacant property this Christmas season


Burglaries increase by 20% over the Christmas period, according to studies and your vacant property is even more vulnerable. However - not to panic, there are measures that you can take to make sure your property is as safe as it can be. Firstly, it is essential you seal every nook and cranny, so ensure everything is locked, including any windows, doors and gates. 

You should also ensure that you have efficient CCTV in place, as this is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars, so if they approach your property, it is practically impossible to not be seen. 

Are you yet to install CCTV? Our V.P.Eye state of the art CCTV cameras combined with our response package will mean you can totally relax this Christmas, knowing your property is being completely watched and protected from any robbers that come knocking!


Believe it or not, vacant properties are targets for arsonists. However, not all are deliberate, as an empty building is still more likely to have a fire than an occupied one, as a fire in an occupied building will be discovered quicker and put out - just ask any insurance company! 

So, when locking up for Christmas, make sure everything is switched off or turned down low, including the electricity, water and gas. It is also advised to keep a regular eye on empty sites to help ensure that everything is in good working order. To save the worry and hassle over the Christmas time, V.P.Eye offers weekly inspections, to confirm it is safe and secure, which will likely be a stipulation of your insurance cover if there were any accidents! 



Just as with fires, quick discovery and action is paramount to minimising damage and related costs from leaking. A burst pipe is more common around the Christmas period as temperatures drop and expose weaknesses in pipework. Consider how much damage that would cause to your vacant property if undiscovered for a few weeks. It could even raise insurance claims from your neighbouring properties if left unchecked.


By employing our weekly inspection service we can act swiftly to deal with any leaks for you, keeping the property in tip top condition whilst you are enjoying your Christmas break.


Unfortunately, if you are a commercial landlord, it is not illegal for squatters to take over your property, leaving you with a big issue with no law in place to back you up. This is where V.P.Eye comes in handy, we don’t just offer CCTV, alarm responses and weekly inspections, but our night patrol team means we are more likely to catch the squatters in the act and act accordingly, to ensure your property is still secure and in good condition. 

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy your Christmas time, worry-free, knowing V.P.Eye has their eye on your vacant property, so you can enjoy your Christmas pud in peace. 

Get in touch here: https://www.vp-eye.co.uk/#contact 

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