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Casting an eye over our security cameras

The key to successfully securing your empty building is the planning and security measures you implement in the initial preparation. Take a look at the eye for detail our security cameras have and why installing them in your premises will put a stop to potential vandalism or squatters. 

1. The Reolink camera, with our very own adaptations!

The Reolink Go Camera allows you to go anywhere, anytime, with the peace of mind that your premises are secure. You’re probably wondering exactly what adaptations we’ve made, but they’re the secret to our success!

2. No power required

Quite possibly the most hidden camera you’ll never come across! This standalone start of the art equipment runs off a long-term battery and a data sim card, which means there’s no power needed on-site and no requirement for a Wi-Fi connection. We can even add a solar panel power charger to allow for ‘charging on the go’ - ideal for an empty building!

3. IP65 waterproof rating

Whether your most significant threat is inside or outside, the IP65 waterproof rating means you can prevent opportunists from entering on those torrid winter days if it’s positioned outside. 

4. Night vision

The automatic night vision mode will switch on when the light reaches a certain level to preserve vision and identify a potential intruder, meaning you can rely on the equipment when you need it most.

5. Movement detection

This clever piece of kit sends us an alarm every time movement is detected on the camera, ruling out many false alarms and unwanted wake-up calls throughout the night.

6. Mobile monitoring

Not only can we monitor activity from our control room, but we’ll also continue to monitor your premises via our dedicated mobile app en route to any alarm activations, which gives us live information and allows us to look at more than one camera at a time.

7. No screws, no damage 

Office restoration fees can be costly, which is why we’ve designed some no damage alternatives, including a magnetic wall mount, tripod or strap mount, meaning no drilling is required, and no fees are payable for restoring the premises to its original condition. 

8. We can hear you!

Featuring a built-in microphone, not only will we react to potential intruders, but we’ll also let them know we’re watching on and listen in to what they’re getting up to before our team of experts arrive on site.

9. Playback footage

In the event of an intruder, we’re able to access playback through the built-in SD card, which saves to the cloud or an external storage device for further investigation or evidence preservation.

Now that you’ve seen just how intelligent our equipment is, give the team a call on 0333 4567 575 for a free quote.

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